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Delight your customers, scale operations, and boost efficiency with our advanced logistics platform. We’re here to supercharge your supply chain

Scale your delivery capabilities

Delivery On Demand Business Solutions

Local pick-up and delivery for any item, any size, anywhere in Florida, anytime

On-Demand Delivery

Get matched on-demand with drivers when customer demand fast delivery.

Same-Day Delivery

Connect with hundred's of qualified delivery drivers delivering statewide same-day.

Next-Day Local Delivery

Schedule pick-up and delivery orders in advance.

Batched and Routed Deliveries

Streamkine pick-ups from high-volume locations while delivering quickly same-day.

Mobile App and Business Dashboard

Get started in minutes with our state of the art mobile app. Track and share order details, chat with the courier and get support

Vehicles for any needs

No matter the size or type of delivery you need to transport, we have a vehicle for that, choose the available option for you or your business, from a small box, keys, documents, boxes, packages, larger items, heavier boxes, skids, pallets, medical equipment, trade show cases and many more, we got you covered.


Great for small package, document, keys or few light weight items delivered fast.

Pickup Truck

Use a pickup truck for heavier items or couple of items that can't be delivered in a car.

Cargo Van

For bulky items, the cargo van is always a great option adding extra protection and more cargo capacity.

Box Truck

If you need more cargo and space capacity, use a box truck to move heavier items such a goods pallet, home improvement o supplies.

Straight Truck

Great option for LTL freight (Less Than a Truckload) this unit equiped with liftgate and pallet jack, can trasnport your good from point A to Point B in a snap.


Need to deliver to several locations from your place?, contact us and let's plan ahead your next move.

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